About Us

My husband has worked in the jewelry business all of his life. I began working with him in 2010. Since then, my life has been a blissful balance. I love my career and my life outside of work. My happy place is on our boat in the beautiful blue water, with friends and family.

In 2013, I began dreaming of creating a line of jewelry and apparel that represents my happy place. When I look down at my beautiful fishing hook bracelet, it reminds me of being on our boat, and the blue Zircon stone represents the tropical water beneath us.

Our goal is for Nau-T-Girl Jewelry and apparel to take you to your happy place!
A Nau-T-Girl, that's what I am.
  Nau-T-Girls love wind in their hair, cool tunes,
sandy toes and salty kisses.