Nau-T-Buoy (Men's)

The Nau-T-Girl Jewelry's Nau-T-Buoy (Men's) Collection is an impressive line of nautical-themed jewelry designed specifically for men. This collection features a wide variety of pieces, including anchors, propellers, fish, and other nautical symbols, all made from high-quality sterling silver and plated with rhodium for added protection and shine.

Each piece in this collection is carefully crafted to ensure exceptional quality and detail. The attention to detail is especially evident in the intricate design of each piece, with each nautical symbol expertly rendered to create a striking, eye-catching piece of jewelry.

In addition to the sterling silver with rhodium option, the Nau-T-Girl Jewelry's Nau-T-Buoy (Men's) Collection is also available in 14K gold. The gold version of the collection is equally impressive, with its luxurious look and feel adding an extra layer of sophistication to the already impressive designs. For those interested in purchasing gold pieces, contact us via email at

Nau-T-Buoy (Men's) Collection is the perfect choice for any man who loves the sea and all things nautical, offering a stylish way to showcase their love for the ocean in a unique and eye-catching way.